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TriORE – Three hours

TriORE – Three Hours
cmi201 & Eternal Soul Records CD 10


This fairytale started to unravel four years ago with the release of
Triarii’s “Piece Heroique” (ES-05). A sinister seed was planted in
the fertile soil of northern Europe as Christian Erdmann (Triarii)
and Tomas Pettersson (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio) gave birth to the
track “Roses 4 Rome”.
And now finally, the progeny has been conceived and fully developed;
and what they call TriORE, has ultimately been born.
Both participants go beyond themselves and step out of normal
character, but TriORE is nonetheless the embodiment of all that which
is Triarii, and all that which is Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio; like a
succulent apple in two opposite pieces just waiting to be devoured.
The bombastic touch of Triarii is still there; the string sections,
the choirs, the martial drums and much more; alongside the eloquence
of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, musically, melodically, as well as
This is what all lovers of both bands have been waiting for, a
complete forty minutes of Art Deco Industrial Pop.
This work begins where Roses 4 Rose left us, and takes all the way
from the rising of victory, through the trenches and all the way till
Europa falls.


Tracklist –

The First Three Hours
Victory rising
After Summer we Fall
Another Love, another Hate
No Tears are shed for You and Me
Pleasures & Tortures
Fires burn, like Fires do
Let us meet in the Trenches
There’s a Smell to Life that dies
Europa’s Dream
The Last Three Hours


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Die Weiße Rose – A Martyrium of White Roses

Además de ser el nombre de un grupo de resistencia no violenta contra el nazismo, activo entre 1942 y 1943, Die Weiße Rose es un misterioso proyecto musical que ha tocado en media Europa sin haber editado ni un sólo álbum oficial. De la mano de Cold Meat Industry presentan su primer larga duración… y creo que se va a merecer una escucha. Cuando menos.

Por cierto, actuarán en la próxima edición del WGT.

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Es gracioso realizar el seguimiento de cómo un proyecto musical se va convirtiendo, poco a poco, en un grupo de culto. La consolidación de Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio en la escena es indiscutible y, con el apoyo de Roger Karmanik, se valen ya de recursos sólo aptos para aquellos que se saben objetivo de los coleccionistas: por ejemplo, las dos ediciones limitadas (444 copias) de su último álbum en picture disc .

El enfoque provocativo de sus trabajos, un sabio uso del merchandising y una trayectoria llena de colaboraciones inteligentes dan sus frutos, como se puede comprobar.

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Massive reprints on Cold Meat Industry

Cold Meat Industry label boss Roger Karmanik has started a massive summer campaign of reprints of long sold out Cold Meat ‘classics’. The first 5 to hit the shopshelves are MZ.412’s «Burning the Temple of God» (originally released in 1996) and «Nordik Battle Signs» (originally released in August 1999). Next are Ordo Equilibrio‘s «Reaping the fallen…», «Make Love, And War – The Wedlock of Roses» and «Make Love, And War – The Wedlock of Equilibrium». More re-releases are being planned.