Es gracioso realizar el seguimiento de cómo un proyecto musical se va convirtiendo, poco a poco, en un grupo de culto. La consolidación de Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio en la escena es indiscutible y, con el apoyo de Roger Karmanik, se valen ya de recursos sólo aptos para aquellos que se saben objetivo de los coleccionistas: por ejemplo, las dos ediciones limitadas (444 copias) de su último álbum en picture disc .

El enfoque provocativo de sus trabajos, un sabio uso del merchandising y una trayectoria llena de colaboraciones inteligentes dan sus frutos, como se puede comprobar.

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Nuevo álbum de ORE


O N A N I – [Practice makes Perfect]

Imagine the force of countless orgasms focused into a single purpose,a single vision made flesh- and you have Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio’s8th full-length album: O N A N I – [Practice makes Perfect].

This release, two years in the making, inspired partly by la petitmort, the little death achieved by one’s own hands or by the hands ofothers (as four hands please better than two) continues in the O.R.E. tradition of opulent depravity and decadent beauty as an unrestrained aural and aesthetic opus to the drives of man, sealed with apocalips kisses.

The music is in the ever-evolving sound of O.R.E., seductive and somber – this time possibly with a more “pop” orientation, which makes the songs all the more poignant. Lush guitars, poundingpercussions, humming organs and pianos, church choirs, subtle moansand female vocals by muse and mistress Rose-Marie Larsen, and theadded new element of a softly throbbing drummachine creates the evocative, ravenous soundtrack. And yet above all hovers the most dominant element- the stern and yet alluring voice of the visionary behind O.R.E., Tomas Pettersson, singing, speaking, inviting us to cum with him.

There is a sensible melancholy for what has been lost and for what will never be, mixed with wanton visceral visions and fullfilment –carnal love and hate, joy and grief. Tinged with subtle black humor, like a movie of Tinto Brass put into a musical score – and there’s even a song in italian. All the dreamlike masturbatory images in the album-artwork are derived from the lustrous and willing ranks of the Army of Roses and Equilibrium, and yet this is not mere porn or cheap erotica, but divine and infernal eroticism unrestrained. A fire of unhinged desire kindled to a raging flame that ignites and consumes, and that in the end, we are consumed by – the fire of life.

Sexual magic made manifest, or merely dandy decadence for an erotic eschatology, or both – you decide. And be that as it may, in the end, this will leave you on the floor to plead and beg for more.

Source: ORE newsletter 21/11/2008

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I laugh and I cry, I hate and I dream
Does it make me a man?
I need to be pleased I am still not complete
Does it make me a man?
I love when you cry, when you cum in your sleep
Does it make me a man?
I try to believe; does it hurt when you bleed?
Does it make me a man?

I dream about lust, do you dream about me?
Does it make me a man?
I live just to die; I die in your dreams
Does it make me a man?
I show you that war can be greater than peace
Does it make me a man?
With the touch of a kiss, I will make you concede
Does it make me a man?

I murder your dreams, I reject your believes
Does it make me a man?
There’s a place in my heart, for the one of my dreams
Does it make me a man?
I love just to watch, when you try to be pleased
Does it make me a man?
I fuck you again, just to hear when you plead
Does it make me a man?

[Do Murder & Lust Make Me Man? lyrics extracted from Apocalips, by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio]