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Petaca Ulver

Bonita, ¿verdad? Y limitada a 200 unidades. Si no fuera porque no bebo casi me darían ganas de comprármela… aunque siempre podría ser una inversión. ¿Importe a satisfacer? 62 € (supongo que gastos de envío aparte).

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Anuncio publicitario

Brown Book


Tal y como proclama el Sr. Pearce en la página oficial de Death in June…

«In the stillness of a snowbound night .
Brilliant white flares drift earthwards.
The Runes are cast. Our idols are dust.
A bell is shattered. Punishment begins.
Further words would be futile.
Dead leaves scattered among your Dreams.
Listen and understand.
The ‘Heilige Tod.’
Hath Not The Soul
Descended upon
Those that are Living?»

(Extract from original 1987 Brown book press release)

Considered by some to be one of the most influential albums of all time, standing centrestage with works by The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan and Joy Divison, ‘controversial’ is too trite a word to use in describing Death In June’s 1987 opus ‘Brown Book’.

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