10 Neurotics

Está bien saber que Sam Rosenthal está grabando nuevo material de Black Tape for a Blue Girl en el estudio de Martin Bisi.

Según dice podemos esperar canciones más «orgánicas» y con una estructura más convencional, esto es, menos ambientales. Así, todo apunta a que los primeros pinitos de Sam con la guitarra acústica y su creciente aficción por el neofolk van a hacerse notar en su nuevo álbum.

Info adicional y demo escuchable aquí.

Esto promete.

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Anuncio publicitario

«End of the CD era»

Let me explain. Projekt has an attic that is filled with packaged CDs. Some are hot sellers, some are slow movers, and some are dormant! Also upstairs are boxes and boxes filled with printed booklets & trays for our older releases. I realized something. Regardless of our love for THE OBJECT (the CD), the world is moving away from it. They want convenience, not OBJECTS. This means an inevitable day will come when CDs are no longer made. There is no NEXT FORMAT, in the physical realm. This is the end, my friend!

Well, rather than having those booklets sit up there collecting dust, never to be converted into OBJECTS that people will cherish, I am going to start repressing the out-of-print titles, and put them on sale at a special price, to get them into your hands. You can hear history, these albums can live for a while longer, and I won’t have to move all those boxes the next time I change offices (this stuff is heavy!!!).

Palabras de Sam Rosenthal hablando acerca de la reedición del segundo álbum de su proyecto Black Tape for a Blue Girl, editado originalmente el verano de 1987. Por cierto, quien quiera puede comprarlo aquí.

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