Winter Trees Stand Naked – The Nightwatch

El pasado 24 de febrero el Frater me dio una alegría al compartir su última creación musical, fruto de un nuevo proyecto bautizado como «Winter Trees Stand Naked».

The Nightwatch reúne en 19 minutos y 10 temas numerosos guiños a trabajos pasados en conjunción con nuevas formas. Ambient old school y samples, en combinación con cortes más rítmicos. Collage musical y rasgar de cuerdas. Un cenicero atestado y esa ventana entreabierta por la que se cuelan los jirones de la noche. Y mucho, mucho más.

Que nadie se lleve a engaño, nos encontramos ante algo breve… pero intenso. Es lo que tiene el RPM Challenge, supongo.

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Weep and Rihanna’s ‘shut up and drive’ cover

Me ha hecho gracia, las cosas como son. Atención al decálogo de motivos para atreverse con esta versión.

1. Too many bands use their choice of cover songs as a proof of credibility. Like by covering some obscure Big Star song they are now made cool. That’s not the Weep way! Weep is cool because we open the window! No… That’s not a metaphor. We are literally cooled by the breeze. Get it? … Never Mind.

2. Covering a song we really like would invariably lead us to a song that is inferior to the original. Why start off in second place?

3. When we first head the Rihanna version (in like Urban Outfitters, pumped through the PA like so much fart) we believed it to be a cover of Blue Monday… So, the song hidden in that ridiculous pop song is one of dignified pedigree. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Unless it’s a really wicked cool painting of a dragon. Then you can kinda tell what’s inside.

4. Making a faux pop-hit is kinda fun. Getting that loud, over produced vocal sound, getting the bass and kick right in the pocket… That’s a fun little challenge for a band that likes to hide its vocals behind thunderous drums. FUN! You think we are marketing masters, or in a band band to pay the rent? No…

5. Doc desperately wanted to tell the world that he has «a whole lot of boom in the back».

6. Fred loves the distortion pedal on his bass. It’s about time we featured it.

7. Rihanna’s version of the song has this inappropriate, fake hip-hop breakdown in the middle. We have freed the song of that mistake for you.

8. It’s a song that gets really stuck in your head. By covering it we have freed it from being an insidious loop in our brain. And as a bonus, we get to show you what that loop sounded like. Because our brain doesn’t have Rihanna’s voice.

9. It’s a good song. Admit it! Nobody is looking. You can say whatever you like. Weep won’t judge. We love you. Okay, fine, hide behind irony. You can like it because it’s a big goofy pop hit and you know better. Let it be a guilty pleasure.

10. Why not «Shut Up and Drive?» Do you really want Weep to poop on your favorite song?

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