Zan Hoffman @ La Casa de Los Jacintos

El 29 de noviembre disfruté como un enano con el espectáculo que Zan Hoffman ofreció en vivo y en directo en La Casa de los Jacintos, acompañado por En Busca del Pasto.

Unas palabras de mi buen amigo Alex sobre sobre el Sr. Hoffman: «Este hombre se ha mamado todo el industrial y conoce a todo dios que hace algo desde el 80… es como tener a esplendor geométrico tocando en el 86 en tu casa».

Y, para muestra, un botón: Zoviet France en el salón de Zan Hoffman, nada más y nada menos.

The Z*F concert in my livingroom was from the cosmic ‘you build it & they will come’ school of reality.

My friend Joee Conroy had managed to book them but proceeded to do the shittiest poster for them – a crappy zerox job on green paper that made z*f look like they just emereged from middle earth – ug! I can picture it even all these years later.

I was a huge fan of their packaging FIRST & their lovely recordings later. In 1986 or so I worked a record store called ‘vinyl fetish’ which stocked at least half a dozen of their classic editions. You just had to buy them ‘in the day’ and they were not much more expensive than any other import record in the store actually. I’m sure e-bay prices on the ltd edition stuff is through the roof now.

But to the point – I couldn’t let the legendary & inspirational packaging geniuses roll through my city with that crappy poster to draw people – so I did the design that is the cover for this cd I’m sending you & silkscreened it onto 2 materials… fake wood contact paper for metal poles & fake brick flooring for wooden poles.

When Z*F gave the finger to the venue for screwing them over they asked Joee if there was a livingroom or house nearby they could play. Well I was within spitting distance of the venue (2 houses and a street away) & I came home to find a note on my door saying «Zoviet France is going to play your livingroom».

They played through my stereo.

It was really something else & I’m glad I can share this with you.

Increíble. Surrealista, entretenido, cansino, abrumador, sorprendente. Todo esto y más, mucho más, todo en familia y para unos pocos privilegiados. Concierto en dos bloques, una primera parte cantautoril a golpe de reproductor multimedia y una segunda parte de improvisación experimental.

Repetiría encantado, sin duda. No todos los días se comparte la velada con una leyenda.

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  1. Hey I had a great time in Jacintos this time
    what a lovely and kind audience

    I can’t find the lyrics so I’ll have to type them from the top of my head (and sorry for typos!)
    you can find more bodycocktail songs at soundclick. com
    by the way

    Unnescessary love
    Necessary pain
    together again
    in spite of all I do
    love returns
    to haunt me
    each rain (reign?) of tears
    every almost real thing
    lying in wait
    to haunt me
    I never wise up
    cull one orgasm from another
    each unintentional
    love conquest make me more
    akward love wise than the rest
    oh god when will
    this all

    lyrics for all the songs I sang of my tour
    are by my dear dear dear friend Charlie Newman
    (unit-n. com)

    Great to hear from you
    keep in touch


  2. Inquietante tipo en un inquietante ambiente. ¿Abrirán en Nochevieja? Habrá que estar pendientes por si vuelve por estos lares.

    Te quejarás de CD dedicado!

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