All this online sharing has to stop, by Charles Arthur

El Sr. Arthur habla en este artículo publicado en «The Guardian» acerca de las dificultades que padece la industria musical en estos momentos, llevando a cabo una mordaz comparativa con otra «industria del contenido» que conoce bien: la periodística.

He aquí la conclusión del artículo, que es más que aclaratoria:

So before the IFPI gets ISPs to start inspecting the packets passing through their routers for music, they’d better sort it out first so that ISPs can see and stop it when someone is copying newspaper articles, or pornographic content, or reading suspiciously helpful newsgroups, or sending a needlepoint pattern that they might not have invented, or downloading a ROM sequence for a now-outdated console. Then we’ll be ready to listen to the music industry.

Alternatively, of course, we could try to adapt to the world as it is, rather than dreaming of what it used to be. But hell, where are the headlines in that?

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