Dead Girls

Today’s television schedule is crowded with crime dramas like Law and Order and CSI. Autopsies are regular fair several times a day on cable TV channels and new episodes are aired weekly. Crime dramas with forensic themes are among the most watched shows today. These show are the children and grandchildren of the early episodes of the David Lynch series “Twin Peaks”, part of ABC’s 1990 prime time lineup. It featured the dead and mostly naked body of the teenage homecoming queen Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic. During sweeps weeks today’s shows often feature plot lines about murdered call girls or models. The victims are often naked and covered just enough to make it past network censors. Murdered overweight, male accountants are never found naked.

In the course of my career I have seen quite a few real dead bodies. A body that has been sitting around outside for a few days does not look as good as the ones on CSI. I found the whole trend curious and I wondered about who the networks are trying to attract with naked, dead girls. Could there be millions of viewers in Middle America that are attracted to dead girls? I had to find out. Some of the most twisted people I know have the straightest outward appearance so I thought it might be possible. I had to figure out how to push this envelope.

In 2005 I began to shoot Dead Girls, a series of pinup model photos featuring sexy dead girls who had been raped and murdered, all staged for the photos of course. I thought that people would be outraged. There were not. People email me all the time telling me that they feel like its wrong, but the photos turn them on. Men and women alike. More girls have contacted me to model for this project than have called for anything else I have worked on. I think I have tapped into something but I don’t know what it is yet. I’ll let you know when I figure it out…..

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” –HST

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  1. Buena parte del éxito de las fotos simulando cadáveres seguramente se debe a la novedad. Si en todas partes nos encontráramos ese tipo de fotos, tendremíamos a excitarnos con mujeres muy vivas o con mujeres con apariencia todavía más mortecina. Además de eso, seguramente se sume algún tipo de atracción instintiva hacia la violencia y el sometimiento, pero claro, mientras sean fotos ese atractivo no choca con nada muy desagradable. Lo que no puedo deciros es por qué esta es la primea entrada que comento en este blog después de año y pico siguiéndolo… :-P

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