Battle of Mice

Morley Seaver: This may seem like a stupid question but how will you possibly be able to do a long tour with some of this material? Tracy Bonham blew her voice out during one tour, just from “Mother, Mother” alone. Your material goes about 4000% over that line and I can only imagine that you are even more impassioned on stage.

Julie Christmas: People keep asking me questions just like that! I can handle about thirty or thirty- five minutes a day of singing for about a month. I always warm up, and do shots and drink hot beverages to control pain and strain, but it gets tough. I have accepted the fact that at some point I will open my mouth and nothing will come out and it will just be over. I think the music starts and I just lose control- I think it helps to be so emotionally involved. It’s also helpful that I have been singing forever. I’ve heard that if you start singing when you’re really young, your body sort of naturally trains itself to sing properly. I guess that doesn’t really apply to throat ripping screams, though, so we’ll just have to see how it turns out.

Esta señorita me descubrió recientemente a Battle of Mice y tengo que reconocer que me han gustado. Me han gustado mucho. Contundencia, atmósferas espectaculares y una vocalista capaz de hacer cosas increíbles con su voz.

Por cierto, la entrevista continúa aquí.


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