Greetings from San Francisco! You are receiving this email because you are a valued supporter of one of my musical projects, Amber Asylum. I am writing you today to introduce you to a new endeavour of mine. Grayceon is a three-piece progessive/folk/metal group with electric cello, guitar, drums, and double male/female vocals. Our self-titled, debut CD was just released this past March on Vendlus Records and is getting great reviews. This is my first time singing in a band, (let alone singing and playing the cello simultaneously!), so it is a huge challenge for me and it is a project I am very excited about.

I would like to invite you to visit the Grayceon website, take a look and listen around, and join our emailing list if you would like to get news on future Grayceon releases and tours. Also, if you visit our online Shop, you will notice that the new full-length Amber Asylum CD (Profound Lore Records)is now out and available to purchase (also available through the AmberAsylum web site)!

Thank you for listening.


Jackie Perez Gratz