O.R.E. message

To whom it may concern.


This message was not composed either to accuse or to absolve, but solely written to shed some light on the recent incidents, resolving in the cancellation of two Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio concerts i Lisbon and Gaia Portugal on the weekend of October 14th and 15th 2005.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and Spiritual Front were recently invited by Sol Negro Production / Sol Pedra Magazine to perform in Lisbon and Porto Portugal on the weekend of October 14th & 16th 2005. It was all agreed and about to happen; but we only came as far as the airport before we realized that a series of unexpected (organizational and administrative) complications had put an end to our plans, complications which ultimately resolved in an even more unexpected cancellation of both concerts at 16.00 (04.00 p.m) yesterday afternoon.

After more or less eight hours at Arlanda airport Stockholm Sweden, from 05.00 – 12.30, it became unpleasantly clear that all attempts to get to Porto Portugal, were in vain; the tickets remained booked but also unpaid, and when the KLM personnel kindly informed me over the phone, that our reservation had been cancelled from Portugal at 14.30 (02.30 p.m), it was only a matter of time before another phone call from Sol Negro Productions informed me that the whole event had been cancelled.

It is difficult to determine who is ultimately responsible for all this, for the mistakes which ultimately resulted in the concerts being cancelled, so I will not use this opportunity to speculate and make accusations, but solely extend my apologies to each and everyone who had hoped to see us play, who had bought tickets and possibly travelled quite some distance to attend the concerts. We are truly sorry on your behalf, and hope that the possibility of returning to Portugal and perform, will present itself again.

Questions and possible complaints may be directed to –

Sol Negro Productions – autumnsolistice@clix.pt
Luis MIranda – louisnexx@gmail.com
Ricardo Silva – ricardossilva@clix.pt


Tomas Pettersson, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
Skarpnäck, Sweden, October 15th 2005.

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  1. Bueno, a ver si así la próxima vez avisan con más tiempo y nos acercamos unos cuantos de Madrid, jeje.

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