Letters to Ogre

Out recently is a book written by Jolene Siana, «Go Ask Ogre : Letters from a Deathrock Cutter». Based on letters Jolene wrote to Ogre, from Skinny, it covers EBM / Industrial not only as a music scene, but also as a lifestyle for many. It illustrates the horrors of the writer’s life and rises above them through confessional letters to the singer of her favorite band. Jolene Siana lived on the impoverished side of the tracks in Toledo, Ohio, with an alcoholic and abusive single mother. At a time when Reagan and heavy metal ruled the Midwest, Jolene’s only comfort was found through writing, drawing and immersing herself in a growing post-punk/industrial music scene. A tailspin of suicidal depression and self-injury led her to write Ogre, the frontman for the band Skinny Puppy. He soon began to receive a flood of illustrated letters and journals filled with Jolene’s most intimate thoughts. At a concert, Ogre told Jolene that he saved all her letters and one day would return them. Nine years later, two boxes from Ogre arrived at Jolene’s door. Re-examining the documents of her youth was a revelation. She realized that expressing herself through these letters had saved her life.

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