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Available now for ordering is the Skinny Puppy live DVD «The Greater Wrong of the Right Live».

This release comes in a double-DVD digipak with an entire live-concert and much more. The live foottage was recorded on the second leg of the band’s North American tour during two live shows, the «Spectrum» in Montreal and «Koolhaus» in Toronto while the visual elements for the DVD were directed by S.P. guitarist William Morrison who has worked with the band since 1990 creating the live shows and visual elements for Puppy in tandem with S.P. front man Ogre.

Tracklisting: 1. Downsizer 2. I’mmortal 3. Pro-test 4. Empte 5. Crucible 6. Maggot 7. Vx gas attack 8. Warlock 9. Deep down trauma hounds 10. Hexonexxon 11. Tin omen 12. Inquisition 13. Hard set head 14. Human disease 15. Harsh stone white 16. Reclamation (encores:) 17. First brap 18. Convulsion 19. Testure 20. Brap 21. Smothered hope.

The second disc holds the 30 minutes segment titled «Eurotrauma» which revisits Puppy on tour in Europe in 1988. Culled from tapes shot primarily by the late Dwayne Rudolph Goettel and compiled and edited by ogre himself, this thirty minute segment is a day by day log of the tour from the bands point of view. Everything from life back stage and in the hotel to the band confronting the Berlin Wall before it was torn down. Along with a lot of highly entertaining footage of the band is rare footage of the live shows themselves. Also included is a film by William Morrisson who hit the road in America and Europe to shoot this documentary called «Information Warfare». This documentary addresses the key issue behind the project. The butal result of American foreign policy. William visited former Attorney General Ramsey Clark in N.Y.C., he travelled to Capitol Hill in Washington to speak with the Gulf War Veterans resource centre and enlisted the help of Iraqi filmmaker Duraid Mujanim who travelled to Iraq with camera’s after the recent occupation began. He travelled to Paris to interview Medicine Sans Frontiers and Kutna Hora near Prague to shoot the famous Bone Church at Sedlec. And finally there are a few more film segments which showcase footage of two more legendary Puppy tours. «Too Dark Park» and «Last Rights». These shows were filmed in 16mm by Jim Vanbebber (Charlie’s Family and “Spasmolytic” video clip).

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  1. Jajajajaja:) Lo tengo apuntadísimo ese dvd, aparte de la gira del pasado años los años de oro de la banda también tendrán protagonismo!!! Pena que sigan pasando de la Península este verano.

    Por cierto, escuchaste el disco de jarboe&neurosis? Me ha gustado bastante.


  2. Pues ahora que lo dices, aún no lo he escuchado… pero no creo que tarde.

    Mensaje dirigido a los promotores de conciertos: ¡Queremos giras! ¡Ya! He dicho.

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