Ritual The Next Vision of Clubbing is a modern fetish club.

It was founded in 1999 by clubbing people, that bored of the Italian club scene and inspired by innovative events like Torture Garden, had a new vision of an event based on free self-expression, energy hard dancing and fetish culture.

Starting from a different approach, the word culture and the term art assume main importance in Ritual concept.

Ritual dance floor is characterized by the newest hard house techno music with some trance, without forgetting the alternative aspect with some session of pure techno –electro experimental. In a Ritual event you will also find ritualistic music as atmospherical set for dungeon area, which is based on bdsm culture performances. Ritual event is also a place for exhibitions of painters, photographers and artists of any type, and for performances of different national and international artists as bands, guest dj’s, body art artists, fetish shows, fashion shows. All of this with a particular consideration for subjects like body and sexuality.

Ritual is sometimes a dress code theme event, but it’s always a dress code event, which we encourage and consider as stimulation for fantasy and imagination.

The Ritual crowd is very unique in age and style, from 20’s to 60’s, from cyber fetish clubbers to classic fetish people.

The choice of the venue is related to the kind of party, trying to not use the same environment each event. Visuals and projections are mostly of body art and fetish culture, but with no limitation and depending on the theme of the party.

Ritual is based in Rome, Italy, with periodic parties in other main Italian cities.

Taking part to a Ritual event will make you think how a party like that can ever happen in Italy.

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