No We Have Never Been Here
And We’ll Never Be Gone
I Saw Your Voice Rise Up
And Cut Into The Heart Of The Sun
I Kissed The Lips Of A Girl
She Took Her First Breath When The World Was Young
I Felt The Cold Of The Air As It Burned By Empty Lungs
And We Have Never Been Born
And We Will Be Consumed
And Unreality Is Buried Beneath The Truth
And Though We’ve Never Been Here
We Will Never Be Contained
And Reality Is Naked Beneath The Moon

So We’ll Go Down To The Ocean
And Wash Our Memory Clean
We’ll See The World For The First Time
Through An Unburied Eye
And Though The World Will Stay The Same
And We’re Certain To Die
We’ll Raise Our Hands Up To Heaven
And Sacrifice Our Limitations
And The Pain And Frustration
Are Equal To The Bliss Of Release
And In The Eyes Of Nature
We’ll Live For An Eternity
And In The Eyes Of Nature
We Could Never Have Been Born
And The Light That Surrounds Us
Will Take Us Into It’s Arms
And When We Die We’ll Disappear
Into The Eyes Of Nature
And We’re Here Just For A Little While
And Then Our Body Disappears

Into The Eyes Of Nature
Into The Arms Of God
Into The Mouth Of Indifference
Into The Eyes Of Nature
And We Are Nothing But Experience
In The Eyes Of Nature
And We Will Live Forever
In The Eyes Of Nature

[In the eyes of nature lyrics extrated from Love of life, by The Swans]



j2 is the symbol for current density
The symbol is also short for “Joule” which means:
Pronunciation Key: joule (jool, joul)
The International System unit of electrical, mechanical and thermal energy

J2 es también el nombre que recibirá la colaboración entre Jarboe y Justin Broadrick (Napalm Death, Godflesh, Jesu, por si a alguien no le suena), y creo que puede dar mucho juego… habrá que estar ojo a vizor de cara a la primavera de 2008. Más info en esta noticia de la discográfica, The End Records.

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