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  1. Y esta es la respuesta de War Office Propaganda, he he he. Un saludo!

    «Rage in Eden Records (ex – War Office Propaganda)

    In reply to all rumours we have heard recently we’d like to inform you that:

    1. We didn’t change the name because of all this fuss about «Battlenoise!» book. This step was prepared many months ago and the main reason was that we have lost a lot of copies of our releases because of stupid custom officers in many countries, who were prejudice against name which contents War and Propaganda. This has nothing to do with the book as stupid rumour has it.

    2. It’s not true that we are in conflict with even single band, artist, label, distro etc. from the scene. On the contrary – in all our history we have never got so many e-mails from people with their support as we’ve got recently. We’d like to thank them all. Many artists and people from the scene have understood properly, that we – War Office Propaganda – are victims in this matter, not guilty – we’re not thieves or swindlers, what we have proved by OUR OWN decision of stopping selling «Battlenoise!» book. And all misunderstandings has been cleared.

    3. We consider the matter with «Battlenoise!» book as definitively closed. From our side all has been said and done. Although probably some rumours will be spread in the future, new «urban legends» will come into being, we suppose there is nothing sensible left to say.

    This is our official and final statement.
    War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden Records

    To all friends who support us – you’re welcome to spread this information as wide as you can.»

    (Tomado de neo-form.de)

  2. ¿Entonces hay violación de copyright o no? :-|

    Menos mal que lo encargué rápidamente, me parece un trabajo bastante decente.

  3. Supongo que sí la hay. La verdad es que pudieron tener la picardía de pedir permiso antes de publicar, la verdad.

    Buena -y rápida- compra, sí señor :)

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