My apologies about the lack of lists the last week. I took some time off for a short trip to Boston with Sasha. He turned three this week and we went to visit his cousins. Just this morning, I was talking with a friend about «Kid Standard Time.» For those of you without a kid, let me explain the theory. Too much of our day is spent hurrying to meet deadlines. To get to places on time. To get everything done on the to-do list. Well, Sasha doesn’t have a to-do list. He’s not really concerned about exactly when he gets to the sandbox, or what time he gets to the Museum. Sometimes he just wants to stop on the sidewalk and watch the workers on the big yellow tractors digging up the street. But Daddies usually drag the kid along saying «hurry up! we’re gonna be late!» Tell me, does it matter if you’re late to the place where you’re going to have fun? We all should spend a bit more time on KST. Enjoying the moment, rarther than rushing on to the things we need to do. In Cambridge (MA), I sat on the sidewalk on Mass Ave (near the Middle East where black tape performed last year) and watched the guy fill two dumptrucks with gravel and bricks and bits of concrete. Sasha really enjoyed that show…. And yesterday morning when I was looking at my myspace messages (though I am sure there were other IMPORTANT things to do), Sasha saw a photo and said «I want to say ‘Hi’ to Ian» and instructed me what to type into a message! Gotta keep the priorities straight…

Some words by Sam Rosenthal.

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