Amo a tricky

Tricky and Martina:
Is simplicity best
Or simply the easiest
The narrowest path
Is always the holiest
So walk on bare feet for me
Suffer some misery
If you want my love
If you want my love

Man will survive
The harshest conditions
And stay alive
Through difficult conditions
So make up your mind for me
Walk the line for me
If you want my love
If you want my love

Idle talk
And idle promises
Cheating Judases
Doubting Thomases
Don’t just stand there and shout it
Do something about it
You can fulfill
Your wildest ambitions
And I’m sure you will
Lose your inhibitions
So open yourself for me
Risk your health for me
If you want my love
If you want my love
If you want my love
If you want my love

[Letra extraída del tema Judas, del álbum Nearly God, Tricky]

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4 comentarios en “Amo a tricky

  1. conoces esta cancion? «Poems»
    te queria preguntar si es del mismo disco ,porque yo me la baje suelta.Poemsaqui te intercambio letra ;)
    (Tricky/Terry Hall) Tricky:
    I confide to anything [I can vow [vibe] to anything]
    So I have to hide from everything.
    Everybody wants a piece of me.
    You see origin and cease to be.
    Sit back and let it happen,
    Let us take your time away.
    I don’t understand you.
    I don’t want your time of day.
    If you’re gonna walk, might as well walk your way,
    Always up the hallways,
    Forget the punk, I pack the funk.
    I’m gonna take a piece of you.
    Making money for good health, but first I learn to see myself (x2)
    You’ve promised me poems (x3)

    Terry Hall:
    I rue the day that I ever met you,
    And deeply regret you getting close to me.
    I cannot wait to deeply neglect you,
    Deeply forget you, Jesus believe me,
    You promised me poems.
    You might have been my reason for livin’
    I gave up on givin’, gave up everything.
    We were a right pair of believers
    A couple of dreamers, so how come
    You hate me?
    You promised me poems (x4).

    Dreamed of ringing voices, [Note: a possible allusion to Zora Neale
    Huston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God]
    And contemplated choices.
    Taste like a fresh kiss,
    To heighten my awareness.
    With all fairness, greatness, with gratitude.
    And simply rhymes with attitude
    Now do promotion and TV, and ya still can’t see. We
    Down the hill cascade
    And keep away the masquerade,
    Dreamed of ringing voices,
    And you promised me poems (x4).

  2. Pues sí, pues sí, Poems es el segundo corte del mismo álbum, Nearly God, de 1996. Además, es posible encontrar ese tema en el recopilatorio A ruff guide.

    Gracias por la letra :)


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