¿Tags vs Categorías?

Últimamente tengo todo esto un poco parado, mientras espero a que mis amigos del soporte técnico de WordPress respondan a la consulta que les formulé este fin de semana. La transcribo, por si alguien tiene curiosidad; versa sobre mis problemas con los tags/categorías.

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Hi Alex,

First of all, thank you so much for your prompt reply, it has been really useful for me.

I have finally imported the contents of my Livejournal account and I have tagged all the posts in WordPress (Livejournal tags are no recognized by WordPress); however, after ‘categorizing’ all the posts, I changed the name of the category ‘music’ to ‘música’ and this category has dissapeared of the tag cloud. In fact, in the managing section of Categories the category ‘music’ can be found, but it has zero posts (although the posts still show the tag ‘música’ and if I write a new post the category ‘music’ (and all the related subcategories) is not displayed anymore… Is there any solution to fix this mix-up? I haven’t find any answer about this topic in the forums and the weird thing is that if I search within my blog the results displayed are correct; check it at:


Many thanks for your help once more, I wish you a great week.

Greetings from Spain,

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